How AsiaPR Works

Beside supported by communications expert, but also experts in branding and psychology communications, we apply a bit different working pattern where we arrange program customized for your company. That’s why we start from:

Uniqueness Business Character Audit, Brand Vision, and Information Strength. Since PR is not everything, we audit your company business characteristic. Then, we analyze business vision and brand, after that, we built strong information; not only acceptable by public, but also create they perception in the same way with company’s vision.

Customized Communication Tools. Based on the result of the audit, we improve a strategy that has special communications tool develop specially for your company objective. So do not be hesitated if once we do not urge to held press conference and/or media relations at all.

Communication Measurement Models. We realize if the result of media news not always have strong influence to targeted audience. So that, we improve communications tools that are more capable to to watch PR program quantitative influence, whether in distributions area, effect of action, or selling increasing.

Brand Synergy. Supported by consultants with 15 years, in average, experiences, and wide networks, we offer joint program with other brands. Not only to reduce the cost, but also to create more powerful effect.

On – Air and Off-Air Media Campaign. Our close and tight relations with mass media we can arrange joint program between client and mass media for effectiveness. As the result of this program, your brand will be more acceptable by our society.