AsiaPR Warriors

D. Syaadah

General Manager

Dede Syaadah started her career as a finance officer in an information and technology company before switching her career into public relations world with AsiaPR. She has been handling various projects from media handling, community projects, corporate social responsibilty, etc. Her attention to details and operations, capability to manage and motivate team, including years of experiences in communications campaign, makes AsiaPR trusts her as a general manager operations. As a contribution to public relations in Indonesia, Dede is now active in Asosiasi Perusahaan Public Relations Indonesia (Association of Public Relations Company Indonesia) as a head of education division.


Adhianto bwAdhianto Budi Prasetyo

Account Manager

Adhianto Budi Prasetyo joined AsiaPR since January 2012. He has a long journey in communications, especially in research and media monitoring. He started his career as a research assistant at Center of Communications Studies University of Indonesia and, finally now he is the Account Manager of Research and Media Monitoring Division at AsiaPR. Since joining AsiaPR, Adhianto Budi Prasetyo has been involved in handling various clients such as; Chevron Geothermal Indonesia (CGI), PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Energi Group, BNI Life, Merck, National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction or Tim Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (TNP2K), Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities or Satuan Khusus Kerja Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi or SKK Migas, etc.


Ika Tresna Setiani


Ika Tresna Setiani started her career as a banker, in her entire two years career as a banker, she actively joined some trainings related to fraud and money laundering. At the end of 2013 she started entering the world of Public Relations, at the beginning of her career she was involved in one of political project that was supported enough by her background as a graduate of International Relations. In a short term of time as Public Relations practitioner, Ika has been involved in various projects, such as: TNP2K Media Surveillance, TNP2K Kartu Keluarga Sejahtera, Mercy Team Researcher, Bumiputera, Pokja Buku, and Toyota. As a new person in the world of Public Relations, she continues to develop the ability and knowledge about Public Relations. After one year experience as a practitioner, she’s focusing herself in research and media monitoring.


Ariza Dwi Arlinda


She earned her bachelor degree in Padjadjaran University majoring Public Relations. She was actively involved in Public Relations Association as Head of Student and Advocation Department since 2011 and member of Cinematography Club Fikom Unpad. During her activity at campus with her collegues, she successfully managed Public Relations Event known as Bandung CreACTive, and produced two short movie in Cinematography Club. While she was an internship student in 2012 at AsiaPR she had contributed to develop several communication activities and after graduating in 2014 she continue to start her career at AsiaPR. During all the time she works at AsiaPR, she has been handling various projects ranging from media monitoring of TNP2K, communication audit, corporate branding development, to strategic planning for personal branding.


Leonella Petrina Massardi


Leonella or known as Leony/Ony graduated from UniversitasIndonesia,Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Sociology. She believes that questioning things in life is an alternative art that makes her life more meaningful and challenging. That is why she loves social world so much and is really passionate to work in the area of research. Leony has been working in this field since she was an undergraduate student at university. She was involved in many social research projects, working with local and international partners (government, donor agencies, UN Agencies, and international research institutions). She started her career as a Research and Communications Coordinator at a foreign company in Jakarta. Now she expands her career life by joining Asia PR as a Consultant in Research & Media Monitoring Department.


Branti Nurghida


Branti is a communication enthusiast from Brawijaya University. She started her career as a production staff (production assistant) in MNC Channels TV. She was also experienced as she had her internship at Metro TV. Writing, capturing a moment, making innovation, and getting to know new people is her hobby. Before joining AsiaPR, she had worked at Directorate General of Culture, The Ministry of Education and Culture as a Website Administrator. She gained a new experience while studying all about culture and meeting public figure from cultural sector. She was also responsible in handling social media at that time. Now, she is expanding her career as a Consultant in Digital Division at AsiaPR.


Sisca Dumaris


Sisca Dumaris holds a Master degree in Corporate Communications from STIKOM The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta. She actively participated in campus organization, such as LSPR Radio Club as announcer and script writer, and a committee of the 1st IPSDC (International Public Speaking and Debate Competition) as leading officer. Sisca had her internship at PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk. as a Public Relations Officer. During her study, she decided to join a Public Relations Agency as a supporting staff, before she finally started her career as Junior Consultant in 2014.


Fentya Dwi


Fentya Dwi graduated from Universitas Padjajaran, majoring in Public Administration. Her desire in Public Relation field was started when she helped AsiaPR in Sosialisasi Pelaksanaan Undang-Undang No.6 Tahun 2014 tentang Desa as a committee. Fentya is finally into the real PR world when joining in AsiaPR in 2015. She expanded her experiences by joining Agus Yudhoyono Command Centre as a Media Relations Consultant, and now she is enjoying her career as a Consultant, specialized in Media Relation. Moreover, Fentya is responsible in handling many corporate events, namely Launching event, Press Conference, and Exhibition.


Nur Aji Luthfi


Ajie graduated from UPN Veteran Jakarta, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Communication. Throughout his campus life, Ajie actively participated in campus organization, such as UPN Veteran Jakarta FISIP TV Club (FIVE TV) as announcer/host, head division of host, producer, and script writer. Ajie is also still active in his high school theater club, Teater Enhakam, as an Advisor. During his time as a college student, Ajie worked as an intern in AsiaPR since 2015 and he officially joined as a Consultant in 2016. Ajie is now working in various projects such as media handling, event organizing, media monitoring, press conference, content writer for company profile, and in charge as MC for clients events.


Andhika Prasetyo

Content Analys

Andhika Yudho holds a Master of Business Management at BINUS Business School. He started career as a journalist, and photographer at He is also manage and writing an automotive media online Writing, photography, videography, design and getting to know people is his hobby. Before joining in AsiaPR, he was handled a marketing and customer relation in his family business Memorize Photography and his business Warung Nyender. He started joining as a Public Relation as a content analys at AsiaPR since 2017.