AsiaPR, We Communicate with Asia

Established by Marketing, Public Relations and Finance practitioners with more than 15 years of expertise, AsiaPR stands as Public Relations firm who uses the brand approach as its main “Creme de la creme”. Today, AsiaPR will not just see image credibility as good and bad, but more to the effective image sharpening in brands. Furthermore, AsiaPR also uses Public Relations to boost sales and to build brand community.

AsiaPR activates the Six Dimensions of PR in client’s program. There are:

6 dimensions of PR
In conjunction to the said objectives, AsiaPR provide 5 important steps, as follows:

  1. Brand awareness, Building brand awareness about the company’s benefits that suit the values posessed by the target audience.
  2. Brand equity, Strengthening your company’s brand differentiation, so that the target audience can oversee different form of benefits compared to the competitors. The target audience will also get better understanding of how company values support their own way of achieving their values.
  3. Brand loyalty, Public loyalty towards our company can be seen in many ways. They can be very happy, even more ecstatic and prouder to be involved with our company, and that leads to positive outlook in their daily conversations. More importantly, the employees, as the internal public, will eventually talk about the positive things about the company on their free will and not as part of their job descriptions.
  4. Brand endorser. Imagine how wonderful things will become, when we can influence other people to become proud such as ourselves. They will be persuaded to initiate contacts with us, and eventually buys the product. This is what we called as the “Third Party Endorser”, those who are willingly become personal endorsers to the product, due to their values and hope similarities to our company. Therefore, the public will think that they have the same perception with our company.
  5. Brand evangelist, This is one crucial imaging step where target audience has made our company as their way of life. They would defend life itself; who will fight any intruders, ready to assist if we got hit by crisis, or even “give” their physical presence to be tattooed with our brand identity!